Friday, May 10, 2013

Skydrive w/h Boxcryptor and Word

Several months ago I read Craig Bayer's article How I Learned to Stop Worrying about DropBox and Love the Cloud .  I admit I still worry about "the Cloud" and mainly because I manage information technology for others.

Craig's blog post touches on the pros and cons of cloud storage for the legal field.  He also introduced me to BoxCryptor.   I don't condone storing data that specifically requires  asks that it be kept in a manner that adherse to either HIPAA, FERPA, SAS 70, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, or PCI certifications.
I will say that I believe when you use some of the leading cloud storage services along with BoxCryptor it is pretty good security. 

I have been using Skydrive for the convient integration it has with Word 2010.   Here is what I did.

I installed BoxCryptor (pretty straight forward) and choose the install for Skydrive.
I placed the Boxcryptor folder within my current installed MS Skydrive.

When I work in Word, I can now save my files encrypted and within Skydrive

  1. Choose File
  2. Choose Save & Send

3. Choose Save to the Web
4.  You will see your BoxCryptor folder listed under your SkyDrive.  Just save.
 The main disadvantage with boxcryptor that I see is there isn't an offline view for tablets (iPad or Android).  I am able to keep the local copy of of the boxcryptor data on my laptop and that is available offline and always in sync with my Skydrive.