Friday, May 31, 2013

Technology Tips for Hurricane Season

Earlier last week a friend sent out an email with some very good recommendations for a technology "hurricane survival kit". I also have a list that includes some specifics designed for those in the legal field to keep billing during a hurricane.  Obviously none of these is meant to replace basic survival items.   To build a true Hurriacne Readiness Kit go to .

Keep a USB thumb/flash drive.   In the event of a hurricane, Worldox will allow you to
         send or check out documents to a thumb drive. 
        I suggest a thumb drive with built in encryption and security like the Corsair Padlock                           Documents on a flash drive still be available to you even when internet is not.
Keep a synch cable to your phone or tablet on hand or at your desk.
       A USB synch cable can charge your smart phone or tablet from a USB port. 
          Recently has become my favorite site for cables, chargers and just about any accessory for tablets or smart phones.
Use your Phone or Tablet as a USB Drive (also useful for carrying documents on trips)
    • iPhone/iPad – Download the USB-Disk App for free.
    • Android Phone/Tablets – Just plug in your phone and choose turn on USB storage on the screen of the phone.
Remote Access - if your company or institution has gone to the trouble to setup remote access to email, documents or other services.  Learn how to use them.  Don't wait until a hurricane is

Keep your phone/laptop/tablet charged –

If you have a vehicle, keep gas in it.  With a power invertor you can charge multiple devices through your vehicles cigarete lighter. 

I would go with this 2200 Watt invertor sold at

If you want to go off-grid and conserve your gass you can go with a portable solar power invertor like this WAGAN SOLAR e Case. 

Many people in my area already have built in gas generators or portable gas generators. 
 A warning about Portable Gas Generators and electronics – Some older generators or low end gas generators are not friendly to high end electronics as they create a higher Total Harmonic Distortion, or THD.

If you need to charge a phone or computer through one of these generators you should do so with caution.