Thursday, August 1, 2013

Computers are calculators too

 I am baffled by the people that require a stand alone cheap calculator when they already have a very accurate one in their computer. 


In Windows 7 you can access your calculator it by going to Start Menu - > Accessories -> Calculator.

The calculator can be opened also by typing calculator or just calc in the Start Menu search box.


The calculator has 4 main modes with which you can do calculations:

·         The Standard Mode.

·         The Scientific Mode.

·         The Programming Mode.

·         The Statistics Mode.

Some of the New Features of the Windows Calculator:

Unit Conversions - Offers different conversions units (angle, pressure, volume, time etc.) and it is really simple to use.

To calculate unites of time, select the type of transformation (example: Time), the From unit measurement (like Hour), and the To measurement unit (like Second).

Date calculation

For reasons ranging to contract periods to calculating vacation time, it is great to see it implemented into the program.

  • You can subtract between two days from the calendar or you can personally add or remove days, years , etc from the date that was set.

Select the dates (from and to) to see the difference between them. Or one can also manually type a number of days, months (etc.) to subtract (or add) from a date and to see the final result.

This is done by clicking on the 'Calculate the difference between two dates' and selecting the second given option.

4.       Worksheets - These are options offered for real life calculations.

Examples are to calculate mortgage, vehicle lease or car gas mileage.